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Fix firefox search box so that you can change search engines that way you used to:

Instead of Googling try other search engines. One alternative is Hakia is a excellent new search engine. Bing is looks better than Google is a good search engine. Duck Duck Go does not record your searches. This web page of mine has many more search engines.



Firefox extensions are failing due to "updates" that down grade its usefulness.  The best extensions that no longer work include X-Notification. If you want to use Firefox, use version 42 and turn off auto updates. Here are some of the problems.

I recommend using PaleMoon instead.  It is a fork of Firefox, and runs many extensions like X-notifier.

World of Trust is an extension that is now blocked as it has security problems.


Updated several computers to Windows 10, and then updated them to Windows 10 1151. They work better.  Active programs are now shown with an underline in the task menu at the bottom of the screen.  CCleaner is removed.

You can install it without waiting by going to Microsoft.  Search for Windows 20 during the last month for current information.   If you are worried about compatibly, updates and other problems check Woody out.

If you have any problems with Windows 10 update, just call Microsoft (use getahuman to get their number).  They will only fix installation and update problems.


It bugs me to see all those arrows on the icons on the Windows 10 desktop.  You can remove them using Ultimate Windows Tweaker for Windows 10.  I have run into problems doing this and maybe its best to put up with the arrows.  There is some risk in this.  One computer lost its icons.


Windows 10 does not display gadgets, but you can fix this by going to here and installing the program.  You can move gadgets between computers by using TeamViewer.  TeamViewer allows remote you to move files from computer to computer and also allows remote computer control. Now you can fix computers remotely.  Gadgets are stored in this location. C:\Users\<user.name>\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Sidebar\Gadgets


To fix a computer, note that computer turn on in cerain sequence.  For example, a BIOS program starts first.  The BIOS program is saved after the computer is turned off and runs off a little battery.

Next a Windows computer, starts loading Windows drivers and then sets up the desktop.  Next the computer tries to connect to the internet.

If a computer acts strangely, it probably has a virius or other malware.  Use Gizmo's Top Picks  to find repair software and tips. The site also has free software programs for Android and Windows.  All the free software is reviewed.


With Windows 10, Internet Explorer is no longer with us.  It was open to viruses and was not very configuable. Microsoft Edge has replaced it in Windows 10.

The best browser to surf the Internet was FireFox. Now its better to use PaleMoon. (see above) Opera is also good, but it is hard to configure the way you want it. Crome Browser is fast but not very configurable. PaleMoon is better than Chrome in that it has a nice pull-down search window in the upper right hand corner that allows the choice of many different search engines.

To install addons in PaleMoon, go to Menu>Add-ons. Click Get Add-ons. Select the Add-on page.  Addons can be added to Chrome in a similar way.

To fix FireFox search box the way it used to be, go to about:config and change showOneOffButtons to false.

List of FireFox Addons

Adblock Edge 2.1 (Ablock Plus seems broken) -Blocks advertising. uBlock Origin should also be installed to block popups.

"Download YouTube Videos as MP4 1.7.18" You can download YouTube movies to a file on your harddrive.

Last Pass 3.1.1  -You don't need all those passwords.  Great help.  It remembers for you.

ReminderFox  Great little reminder program.

StubleUpon 4.16  Picks site for you that you might like. The sites it picks are getting pretty dumb. Do not recommend.

Tab Mix Plus  Nice program that lets you custom FireFox.  Hard to configure.

Uppity 1.5.8  Allows you to go closer to the home page of a site by cutting off some of the URL.

X-Notifier 3.3.12 If you have a lot of email addresses and want to scan all of them this is your program.  Does not work on Firefox newer versions.


CCleaner: Make sure you remember your passwords before using. This program removes temp files, cleans your registry and delete cookies. Getting rid of cookies is good for your machine once in a while, even though some custom settings are reset.   Changing the registry however might not be a good idea.

Auslogic Disk Defrag Version 4.5.4 -Windows makes a mess of your hard drive.  When it writes back to the hard drive after increasing the size of a file, it breaks the file up into pieces and writes it in various places on the hard drive. To retrieve a file, may mean to moving the hard drive arm all over the place.  Auslogic is one of the fastest free defraggers and it is easy to use.  The latest versions of this program have problems such as pop up adversting.  Search for old computer programs and find version 4.5.4.


Revo Uninstaller is a good program that allows you to completely remove software.  Most of often ordinary software is not complete, and some file entries and files will remain behind. These entries and file might be corrupted, and reinstallation of the software may cause the software to continue to not behave correctly.


To remove a virus:  Major Geeks has a great web page.  Do what they tell you.

Malwarebytes- This program is designed to fight malware. Takes a while to run, but checks every file.

Adwcleaner fixes browser hijacking and menu problems.  Load from MajorGeeks.

WPS is a clone of Microsoft Winodws version that does not use *.docx files. Older version of Word may include a watermark on documents that are printed.  Make sure you don't download a PC cleaner program.  If you get popups for updating, use AutoRuns to remove it from scheduled tasks. Although it is from China, it is a great way to get the equilvant of Microsoft Office for free.

Antivirus Programs: Important--
Only one antivirus program should be installed on your computer at a one time.
 I recommend Panda. I think  Norton is itself a virus as it slows your computer down, and hacks the root of the C: drive. 


The best free anti-virus program I have found is Panda. It does not slow your computer down much and updates in the background.  You do not have to pay for it.

If you want to compare test results go here.  The price of the program tested are not listed.


There is no ad blocker for Windows Internet Explorer browser (IE). Other popular browsers have ad blocker add-ons. Also you can get more Malware with IE.  IE is almost impossible to remove as it is entangled with the operating system (XP, Vista, Windows 7).

Microsoft Security Essentials - This program is no longer supported.

Avast works for about a year, then demands you pay them or sign up again.  To get around this you can sign up with another email address.  Recommend Panda instead.

Norton acts like a virus itself.  It does a good job of preventing malware, but it writes to the root file, and makes your computer really slow down a lot. It is also expense!  Some versions of Norton's, can be removed by Revco Uninstaller, but in some cases you have go to Norton's web site and download their uninstaller.

Adaware: Removes Spy Programs - It now loads automatically at boot-up. Remove this program from your computer as it fights other anti-malware software.

HP Smart Font Light -To get back the fronts FontFrenzy removed that you use and like, use this program. Lists the fonts you can install on the left, and the fonts you have installed on the right. A simple move button is all it takes.  May not work on Windows 7.

Advanced System Care -Not so good anymore.  Do not use! Used to be a great program to speed up and fix your computer but the newest version allows little individual control on what it does and the results of a scan.  The stole some of their software from Malware Bytes and that in itself is a big problem.

1. Type about:config in the addressbar and press Enter. Confirm I'll be careful, I promise!

2. Search for:


3. Toggle by double-clicking this entry from true to false.


Great Search Engine List

Suggestions are welcome.

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March 18 2017
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Other Software:

99 Freeware Programs - Lots of good software, however use with caution - do I really want to do this?
Google the program with the word "problems" included.

No-Nags Lots of free software that is virus and spyware checked.

Paintnet - Most Paint Shop Pro / Photoshop features for free. Excellent program.

FreeMind - Mind mapping software that allows you to make tree like series of connected boxes containing your thoughts.

Inkscape - Free program that contains many Adobe Illustrator features. A little awkward.

Speedguide - Free program that optimizes your web connection parameters.

CutePDF - Free program that allows you to create PDF files.

SlimBrowser: -Alternate browser.  Tabs work well.   SP3 seems to help crashes. Not as good as Firefox.

How to Geek: -Good source of utility information concerning XP, Vista,
System 7.

Astronomy -Stellarium  is one of the greatest astronomy programs ever and its free.  It shows what the sky looks like at your location.  You can zoom, pan and see the stars under the ground. Another program Geoclk provides a series of maps showing time and where the shadow of night falls. Skyglobe is a DOS-like program that runs under XP but not Windows 7. It quickly shows the movement of the sky with time.

WeatherMate - Don't use weather bug as it is buggy. WeatherMate is much better.  Puts a nice icon in the tray with temperature.

Google Earth (requires a high end PC) used to be better than Google Maps but now they are almost equal. However, Google Earth allows you to also explore the moon, Mars, and the Sky.  Street view is amazing.  Bing Maps in some ways is better than Google Maps.

Cmap  Great for mind mapping.

Font Frenzy -Hundreds and hundreds of fonts are redundant and slow your computer.  This program does a font reset and removes all your fonts except the ones that came with the machine.

DeeperSearch A Deepermind web page, lists over 30 search engine links. Using Firefox addons, you can install many search engines into Firefox's browser window.  

Search Me  If you like web sites to fly by like pages, this is your search engine.

Virtual Calcu If you are a mad mathematician and want to calculate in bases from 2 to 64 with high accuracy this is for you.

Graphmatica -shareware
Super plotter, calculus, trig, log paper and more.

WinAmp -If you like music, how about almost 10,000 radio stations for free. Also you can watch about 100 video channels that are not the greatest.

Tiny Spell - Free, Icon in tray lets you know when you spell something wrong.