Updated  August 7, 2014



Search Engines

Multiple Search

Locate People


Bing (Standard)

DuckDuckGO (Private)

Google (Standard)

Google Advanced

Give Me Back Google (less commerical)


Thunderstone (computer programming)

Yandex (Russian)

Lycos (Previews)


DMOZ  (Catagory)

About (Human Guided)


List of Best Search Engines


Ixquick (Private)




Deep Web Search


White Pages.com


Freeality (reverse lookup)



411 Locate.

US Maps

Google Maps

Bing Maps

Freeality Online


Route Planner- USA/Canada

Yahoo! Maps

Yellow Pages

Yellow Pages.com

Internet Address Finder






Register a Domain Name

Go Daddy

Submit an URL


Mashable (FireFox Tips)

Mozilla Support (Firefox Search)



Google Prefixes
All in text: allintext:
All in links: allinanchor:
In text: intext:
All in title: allintitle:
In title: intitle:
All in URL of site: allinurl
Author: author:
In subject: insubject
Search for single site: site: deepermind.com
Exclude a word: -
Related terms: ~
Search for similar URL: related:
Filetype:  filetype:[extension]
Old version of website: cache:[url]

Google Phrases
What time is it
Track flight status: Delta flight 7558
Dollars in another currency: 10 US dollars in Australian money
Unit conversion: bits in kilobytes
Hex conversion 17 in hex
Compare: "better than WinAmp"
Similar to:  "similar to Garden State"
Free proxy: cache:example.com
Exact word or phrase: " "
Either item: OR
Range of numbers: 100..200
Search for music: -inurl:(htm|html|php) intitle: "index
Google Image Search for sex of a person's name
Select image type: &imgtype=face
Select diagram search
Search for similar images upload image
Type a phone number
Meaning of a word: define horse
Type a tracking number
Search your own browsing history
Google Insights lists searches by other people over time  www.google.com/insights/search
Google Insights lists search trends www.google.com/insights/trends
Use video.google.com to search beyond youtube

Use control F to find a word on a page
Use show search tools to limit time span of when web page was updated
Use the word AROUND(n) to find related terms
Use Google Maps as search tool such as hotels