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Deepermind Philosophy 2/28/20

by -George Norwood

Slowing Down, Making Connections

Imagine the organization of a company. Not everyone has the same job and insight as what needs be done. On the lower levels, workers do not have the insight and education that the workers on higher level have. 

Our brains must have their organization too.  They are made out of a huge number of brain cells and supportive parts.

 The has a business too.  The only way it can accomplish its business is to be organized. A flat organization does not have structure to think in terms of overall plans and how to direct every muscle.

A hierarchy allows for general overall understanding and planning as well as the mechanisms to get the details done.  There may be many hierarchies, they may be intertwined, but they are necessary.

We can assume the higher brain cells direct lower brain cells.  Way at the top, there must be a presidential or CEO group of brain cells where the buck stops and decisions must be made.  Yes, the brain from one point of few is a business.  Or perhaps we could say there is a "government" of the mind.

This idea is overlooked in our current science. I suppose it seems too religious.

We can offer scientific evidence. Often we see mentally ill patients that are disorganized and have huge conflicts within them. People say they sort things out. Without organization everything would in different directions.  

Not only do we need organization we need to see things from a distance, to think abstractly and to take one step at a time.

This website was named "Deepermind" as we are talking about the mind more deeply than the reductionist who sees us as only a collection of brains cells.  In the opposite direction we have holism where people are seen as one soul, as having only one name.  We are reduced to a single IQ number, a man or a women.  Often people describe themselves as something called "I" but find they are many things. 

In between reductionism and holism is the belief there are different aspects to ourselves.  We weigh this or that.  At times we can stand back and observe ourselves.  We are not a single thing, but we have middle size parts and structure at different levels.

In my experience there are times where I am in higher consciousness and I feel that I have much better insight into things.  The voice in my head seems to be guided. 

This guided experience become better as I go deeper towards Source. It is like there is a series of guides.  

With lower consciousness, I feel my animal side that is based more so on survival, sex, and food.  The animal in me seems to block going to Source.

All that I am saying here is based on what Source has taught me. For example, Source tells me that information is something in nature and is a basic constitute of the Universe as much as MEST (matter, energy, time and space) is.

Information is at its purest in mathematics.  For instance, the description of the universe in scientific terms, is described best by mathematics.

The attraction of two bodies is inversely proportional to the square of their distances.

Everything in the universe follows natural laws as described by mathematics. The workings of biology follow rules too, and are, of course, much more complex.

But what we do know is amazing. Did you know that plants seem to require quantum physics to accomplish photosynthesis?

Our minds process information.  First we much have an interest.  Often there is something we want to do.

We differentiate between good and bad, right and wrong.

But how do we explain what is bad and good scientifically.  When we act bad, we select our actions too quickly and make poor choices.  When we are at our best we slow down.

Meditation and mindfulness act on this principle.  When we slow down and think, we not only act better, we have time to have more depth, and make wiser choices.

If your mind is racing and you cannot sleep, Lina Grace has a healing video that will help bring peace and slow things down.

Feel free to browse around on this website using the Deepermind Table of Contents. I recommend certain books which support many of my ideas.

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